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Who are we?

We are a 501 (c) 3 organization with a nine (9) member board of directors.

We serve to meet the needs of Bay County in two distinct ways: Food/clothing and providing help with those in a pregnancy crisis, through “The Sheltering Tree,” located across the street at 1616 Cincinnati Ave.

We consist of 12 different churches in a united corporate effort to help, minister, and carry out this mission of love. ALL of our people serving do it because they love people, none receive any monetary compensation.

Beginning February 9th 1998 in one small room God has blessed and expanded His work by allowing us now to provide food and clothes for hundreds of people each week. The Sheltering Tree, our pregnancy center, ministers to hundreds of young girls and women with assistance with pregnancy testing, confidential counseling, maternity clothing, diapers, wipes, baby food, support groups and cooking classes.

How can you help: donate money, clothes, (especially MENS and small children age 3-12) diapers, baby wipes, OR come serve with us, temporary or permanent. Can you give 3 hours one day a week? We need you if you can pack a food box, have basic computer skills, or able to sort and/or hang clothes….all with a SMILE! EVERYTHING given to us we give; no charge for anything.

Your church, civic organization, or your work place can have food or clothing drives. If you have questions come by and let one of us give you a tour of our facilities and show you firsthand what happens at the Center of Hope. You will not be disappointed.  



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St Andrew Christian Care Center

3101-A West Hwy 98

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Address: 3101-A West Hwy 98

Phone: 850-763-2345


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